‘The View’: Whoopi Struggles to Hold Back Tears After Joyful Make-a-Wish Surprise | Video

The ABC moderator had to take several deep breaths and grit her teeth to maintain her composure

“The View” ended in tears for multiple people on Thursday morning, but not Whoopi Goldberg — though she only just barely avoided them. The good news is, they were mostly joyful tears.

To wrap up the show, Whoopi and Sara Haines led a segment for Brain Tumor Awareness Month, which kicked off on Wednesday. The spotlight for the story was on Mya, a 15-year-old who lives life with neurofibromatosis, type 2 (NF2), a condition that causes spinal and brain tumors.

As Mya and her mother told her story, Haines teared up multiple times, but Whoopi held strong. Eventually though, the hosts noted that Mya is a big fan of Disney’s “Desecendants” movies, and particularly a superfan of Sofia Carson, who starred in the franchise as Evie, daughter of the Evil Queen from “Snow White.”

So, to belatedly celebrate World Wish Day, and fulfill a Make-a-Wish dream, the women surprised Mya with an appearance from Carson herself. The teen was overjoyed, wrapping the actress up in what looked like a bone-crushing hug, prompting Carson and Mya’s mother to cry themselves.

Carson then revealed that, after the show, Mya would have her measurements taken, and the Disney costuming team would craft an Evie costume specifically tailored for Mya, renewing the teen’s excitement all over.

As the segment wrapped up, Whoopi finally broke, though she didn’t let her tears actually fall.

“For more information on the magic,” she started, before gritting her teeth and taking a few slow exhales. The moderator even had to readjust herself in her seat as her eyes clearly welled up before she could continue on.

When she did, her voice was hoarse, as she fought with all she had to maintain her composure.


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