‘The View’ Host Whoopi Goldberg ‘Thrilled’ by Facebook’s Monday Outage

“Hopefully, we can say ‘Here are things that you need to concentrate on,'” the host said

The View

Millions of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp users panicked on Monday when the apps were out of commission for several hours — but Whoopi Goldberg wasn’t one of them. In fact, on Tuesday’s episode of “The View,” the host admitted she was “thrilled” that it happened.

Discussing the outage, the panel of women speculated that it may have been caused by the company itself, in an effort to prove to users how dependent they are on the apps. Host Sara Haines even argued that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s apology — wherein he noted “I know how much you rely on our services to stay connected with the people you care about” — read like an angry parent speaking to a child.

“That’s literally like a parent saying ‘If you don’t like your toy, let’s see how you do without it,’” Haines said. She added though that personally, she was fine during the outage.

When the conversation eventually circled back to Whoopi, the moderator added that she hopes some actual good will come from the apps’ sudden crash.

“I’m thrilled that it went down! I’m thrilled that it went down,” Whoopi said. “And hopefully, we can say ‘Here are things that you need to concentrate on.’ When there’s stuff going on overseas, you know, let’s work to get our folks out. When it’s stuff going on here, and people are telling you kids are killing themselves, pay attention. Or we’re gonna take the right to have this away from you.”

Host Joy Behar added that she wasn’t too upset about Instagram going down — she didn’t even notice that one on her own — in light of recent findings on the effects of the platform on young girls.

“Instagram is the worst one, I think. Don’t you think?” Behar said. “Because they show pictures constantly, which makes girls feel bad about themselves. I mean when I was a kid, we only had Seventeen magazine to make us crazy. Now every two minutes [girls] are putting pictures of themselves in bikinis.”