Whoopi Goldberg Literally Spits After Having to Say Trump’s Name on ‘The View’

“He tends to just — ugh,” the ABC host says disgustedly

The View

Whoopi Goldberg makes a point of never saying Donald Trump’s name on “The View,” so when she let it slip, she literally turned her head to spit.

The moment came Monday as the ABC hosts once again looked ahead to the upcoming debate between Biden and Trump, and discussed strategies for both. Host Sara Haines also touched on an op-ed from Hillary Clinton, agreeing that, though Trump can’t be taken seriously on much, he is honest during debates, and anything he threatens to do should be taken at face value.

But, Whoopi was exhausted by the idea of Biden having to try and take Trump seriously at all.

“You can’t refute anything with him because he just — when I say him, I mean Trump,” she said. “He tends to just — ugh.”

At that, Whoopi turned her head and spit, pretending to get the taste of Trump’s name out of her mouth, as her cohosts marveled that she actually said it. She confirmed she did, and that she unintentionally tricked herself into doing so because she felt the need to clarify who she was talking about.

In fairness, this isn’t the first time Whoopi’s actually said Trump’s name in recent weeks — it’s the second. The first time came just after the ex-president was convicted on 34 counts of felony fraud. In announcing the news, Whoopi was delighted to say his full name.

“I’m going to say something you’ve never ever heard me say before: Donald John Trump is a convicted felon,” she said happily at the time.

Normally, the moderator simply refers to him as “You-know-who,” and actually made it several months without uttering his real name.

“The View” airs weekdays at 11 a.m. ET on ABC.


One response to “Whoopi Goldberg Literally Spits After Having to Say Trump’s Name on ‘The View’”

  1. Mike Joseph Avatar
    Mike Joseph

    Another example of what the left has become…..obedient, loyal soldiers who believe, act, and say what and how they are told to believe, act, and say. Ignore the facts, follow along blindly, and don’t let facts that contradict any of it be heard.
    Another reason I’ve gone to the “dark side”….at least I’m not treated as though I’m an idiot.

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