‘The View’: Whoopi Shakes Her Head at Audience Reaction After She Says Lindsey Graham ‘Has Been on His Knees’ for Trump | Video

The ABC host immediately clarifies that she meant the phrase in a religious way, not in a dirty way

The View

Whoopi Goldberg was met with some awkward laughter on Tuesday morning’s episode of “The View” after she pointed out that Senator Lindsey Graham “has been on his knees” for Donald Trump. The audience’s reaction quickly prompted the ABC host to shake her head and clarify what she meant.

To kick off the day’s Hot Topics, the women discussed Trump’s latest stance on abortion, in which he shoved off any decisions on abortion rights to the states. The move has drawn criticism from many conservatives, including Graham and former VP Mike Pence — and the former drew some shock from Goldberg.

“I was a little surprised that Lindsey Graham, who has been on his knees for…” she started. However, her phrasing immediately earned some pointed looks from her cohosts, as Alyssa Farah Griffin took an obvious sip from her mug.

Realizing exactly what the audience thought she was saying, Goldberg shook her head at them and wagged her fingers before clarifying.

“At the temple of this man,” she continued. “It did not start out that way! And many of them have done that, they’ve all sort of fallen to their knees and they’ve been worshipping him.”

Meanwhile, Farah Griffin was less surprised at conservatives speaking out against Trump for this, and more surprised that Trump recognizes that abortion is an issue of importance for many in this election.

You can watch the full conversation from “The View” in the video above.


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