‘The View’s’ Nicolle Wallace on Working for Sarah Palin: I Have Political Staffer Version of PTSD (Video)

The conservative co-host suggested she didn’t enjoy working for Palin during a segment about the former VP’s bar brawl scandal

“The View” co-host Nicolle Wallace explained on Monday how she was struck with fear after she heard Sarah Palin was speaking out for the first time since her family was allegedly involved in a bar brawl.

“I worked for Sarah Palin,” Wallace said. “I have the political staffer version of PTSD, so whenever I hear that she’s breaking her silence, my heart stops.”

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Whoopi Goldberg led off the “Hot Topic” segment by referring to Palin as a “crazy politician,” and the remark received a rousing applause from the audience.

Wallace went even further to distance herself from her former boss, saying that she has lived through a Palin-family crisis before.

“Sometimes with the Palins, it’s exactly what it looks like,” Wallace said. “This was a family night out, it would appear. And one of the kids, one of the sons got into a fight and the family rushed to their defense, which is admirable up to the point when everyone is punching other kids in the face.”

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Eyewitnesses at the bar earlier this month pointed to 25-year-old Track Palin as the instigator of the fight, with sister Bristol Palin also allegedly getting involved. Sarah Palin was reportedly present and yelling at people, “Do you know who I am,” although she has since denied doing that.

Wallace isn’t buying Palin’s claims though.

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“She has denied that she screamed out, ‘Do you know who I am?’ which I think they did and I think there inlaid part of the problem for them,” Wallace said.

Nicolle Wallace worked on the 2008 McCain-Palin campaign and served as George W. Bush’s communications chief while her was president.

Watch video from “The View” above.