‘The View’s’ Rosie O’Donnell Won’t See ‘The Interview’ Due to Terror Threat: ‘It’s Supposedly Not Even That Funny’ (Video)

“It’s not worth it, to me,” the co-host admitted on Wednesday’s show

Threats of terrorism at theaters that show the upcoming movie “The Interview” have scared Rosie O’Donnell enough to make her not want to see the film, she admitted on Wednesday’s “The View.” As TheWrap previously reported, hackers behind the Sony cyberattack promised to carry out 9/11-style attacks on theaters that show the James Franco and Seth Rogen comedy.

“How many people would not got to see it because of this threat?” O’Donnell asked the live studio audience. “Because I wouldn’t go. Truthfully. I wouldn’t … It’s not worth it to me to see a movie that’s supposedly not even that funny.”

While not stating whether or not they would see it in theaters, each of O’Donnell’s co-hosts expressed their anger at those responsible for the threats.

“If you want to see it, don’t let some goon in North Korea change your plans,” Nicolle Wallace said.

“The Interview” includes an assassination attempt on North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. U.S. intelligence experts have just cause to believe the cyberattack hackers have some connection with the country’s regime.

“It pissed me off on a level of what we stand for in America,” Rosie Perez said of the threats. “Seth Rogen and James Franco have a right, freedom of speech, to express what they want to express through their art. They shouldn’t have any other country tell Americans, ‘you can not put this piece of art out.’”

Whoopi Goldberg echoed Perez’s sentiments, saying: “That’s what America is – we have the right to do this.”

Watch video from “The View” here.