‘The Voice’ Coach Niall Horan Pleads for Another Steal After ‘Incredible’ Playoff Performance | Exclusive Video

A promising performer impresses with a rendition of “Angel From Montgomery”

As “The Voice” Season 24 enters the playoffs, coach Niall Horan is pleading for a chance to steal a talented singer.

In an exclusive clip shared with TheWrap of Tuesday’s episode, Horan is blown away by Lila Forde’s rendition of Bonnie Raitt and John Prine’s “Angel From Montgomery,” which scored a standing ovation from Horan and fellow coaches John Legend and Reba McEntire.

While Forde found her home on Team Legend, Horan makes his desire to have the promising performer on his team, jokingly saying “Hello producers, can I have another steal please?”

“You’re incredible,” Horan tells Forde in the clip. “Your runs were so flavorful; your lower register is really nice [and] when you get up there it’s really pretty. You are one of my favorite acts I’ve seen on ‘The Voice.’”

“This is high praise, Niall,” Legend exclaimed with pride. “We love to see it.”

Gwen Stefani also noted she was a “big fan,” and complimented Forde’s distinct ’70s vibe, noting that it doesn’t feel like the performer is “copying” previous iterations of the style.

“It flows through you so naturally and authentically that it’s exciting for someone like me to see a young girl that feels so authentic and pure,” Stefani said.

McEntire was similarly impressed by the cover and pointed to Forde’s inflections here and there that made her the “full package,” telling Legend that he has to pick her to remain for the next stage of the NBC competition show.

Ahead of Legend’s choice to narrow down his team, he praised Forde’s “light” that distinguishes her as individual “with a real sense of identity.”

“The runs you do make these classic songs sound more modern, but they don’t take you out of the spirit of the song,” Legend said. “It’s fresh but it’s classic at the same time and I’m just thrilled to work with you.

“I’m thrilled to work with you, thank you John,” Forde responded.

To find out if Legend kept Forde on his team during the playoffs, tune in to Tuesday’s episode of “The Voice” at 8 p.m. on NBC.


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