Blockbuster Summer 2014: Can You Name the Movie Star? (Video)

Henry Cavill and Chris Pine just might need better publicists

How well do you — the movie-going public — know the stars who will thrill you on the big screen this summer?

TheWrap‘s Greg Gilman hit the streets of Hollywood to quiz average moviegoers about the stars of the day. Everybody knows who Tom Cruise is. But what about that guy who plays Thor or Captain America or that new Spidey kid? Despite the nonstop efforts of the studios’ marketing departments, not every familiar face is particularly recognizable.

Sure, Will Smith scored high points on the recognition scale. But poor Henry Cavill — the guy who starred in the Superman epic “Man of Steel” — didn’t fare quite so well, as passerby after passerby struggled to bring his name to mind.

Is Hollywood creating stars out of its new blockbuster movies? You be the judge in the video above.