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Wrap Battle: Our Reporters Take Sides in CBS-Time Warner Cable Feud (Video)

To help uncomplicate a complicated issue, TheWrap's Lucas Shaw and Tony Maglio put the proverbial boxing gloves on

The CBS and Time Warner Cable dispute over retransmission fees is affecting subscribers in New York, Los Angeles and Dallas, as the network blackout rolls on.

While Time Warner Cable has undoubtedly been hearing from disgruntled subscribers for weeks now, the emergence of the NFL season and this weekend's PGA Championship featuring Tiger Woods will hit home for many sports fans.

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To attempt to uncomplicate a complicated issue, two of TheWrap's reporters, Lucas Shaw and Tony Maglio, role-played their way through the dispute.

The sides were chosen by a coin flip just before the recording. Shaw ended up as Time Warner Cable, Maglio was CBS.

Watch the video: