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She Had an Alibi for What the NYPD Found in Her Bag. But It Was Awkward (Podcast)

A young actress has a very strange night

Jillian Welsh remembers the night well. It climaxed in a subway station, with the NYPD searching her bag, and the officers not sure whether to believe her explanation for what they found inside.

This is a story of cops, romance and a stigma that shouldn’t be a stigma, and it’s the subject of our latest “Shoot This Now” podcast, in which Matt Donnelly and I talk about stories we think should be made into movies. You can listen on Apple or Spotify or right here, right now:

The night had started romantically enough — Welsh, who was 20, performed in Shakespeare’s “A Winter’s Tale” with an actor she had a serious crush on. Things got better from there… then much better… then suddenly not so good. Which brings us to that scene in the New York City subway, and officers who weren’t sure whether to trust her.

Welsh’s story has been the subject of wonderful segments on the Risk! podcast and This American Life. We highly recommend both.

Also this episode: We play a rousing game of “Know Your Hemsworths,” and debate the career of Anne Hathaway.

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