Tiffany Cross Swipes Back at Megyn Kelly’s ‘Dumbass’ Comment: ‘You Swung and You Missed’ (Video)

MSNBC host dismissed Kelly’s attack of her as the “most racist person on television” before turning her attention to Clarence and Ginni Thomas

MSNBC host Tiffany Cross launched a multitargeted rant at Megyn Kelly, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and his wife, Ginni, on her weekend program “The Cross Connection” on Saturday.

Cross began with Kelly, who called her a “dumbass” and “the most racist person on television” after Cross called the NFL’s mishandling of quarterback’s concussion an example of “complete disregard for Black bodies and Black life.”

“Yes, I know. Megyn Kelly — the Blackface expert — had a lot to say about me this week based on something I actually never said. So I just want to tell her, you swung and you missed,” Cross said at the start of the segment.

“Please, girl, move on with your life. It’s giving obsessed and honestly, guys, the Jesus and Santa are white lady is not going to claw her way back to social relevance on my show. Besides didn’t I merc her once already?” she said.

Cross then turned her attention to Clarence and Ginni Thomas, the former of whom was confirmed to the Supreme Court on this day 31 years ago. She lambasted the SCOTUS Justice for “not representing the interest of Black men at all” despite benefiting from affirmative action policies opposed by conservative SCOTUS members of the past which allowed him to graduate from Yale in 1971.

She also excoriated Ginni Thomas for her repeated insistence of Donald Trump’s false claims of election fraud and her involvement in efforts to overturn the results by emailing lawmakers in Wisconsin and Arizona. Thomas agreed to testify before the January 6 congressional committee, but on the condition that her testimony not be taped.

“While Ginni has neither the rhythm nor the range to be a Supreme, the bigger point is that she and her husband are a threat to democracy. And when it comes to any case appearing before the court, they both need to get out,” Cross said. “Oh, and wherever you all go, can you take this thirsty raisin in the potato salad with you? Because you all seem to be cut from the same cloth.”

Watch Cross’ rant in the video at the top.