Tina Fey Urged to Reprise Sarah Palin ‘SNL’ Role After Impassioned Trump Rally Speech Goes Viral

“Someone call Tina Fey. We need her again,” one user tweeted

Fans are urging Tina Fey to come out of SNL retirement to reprise her role as Sarah Palin after the former Alaska Governor made an impassioned speech at a Trump rally in Anchorage last night.

“Someone call Tina Fey. We need her again,” tweeted one user while another wrote “Calling Tina Fey! Tina, you’ve been called back to duty!”

Another user joked that the rally speech was actually a cold open from SNL, tweeting, “The worst @nbcsnl cold opening ever! Tina Fey going off script & rambling is kinda amusing but Alec Baldwin looks awful & can’t remember his lines.”

In her speech, Palin calls Trump “the best president that we’ve ever had” and goes on to say how the former President supported her when her family faced scrutiny from the media. The subject of family kickstarted a diatribe in which Palin noted what “the fake media, the lazy media put [her] kids through.”

She also invoked gun imagery when she urged Republicans to keep fighting, saying “Don’t retreat, reload.”

Check out the funniest reactions from Fey fans below: