Shane Gillis Comedy Series ‘Tires’ Renewed for Season 2 Ahead of Netflix Premiere

The six-episode first season debuts this Thursday

Shane Gillis as Shane in "Tires" (Photo Credit: Netflix)

Netflix is doubling down on Shane Gillis. Two days ahead of the series premiere of his new sitcom “Tires,” the streamer has already renewed the show for Season 2.

The six-episode debut season of the scripted series will premiere on Netflix this Thursday, with its second season expected to air sometime next year.

“Tires” is far from the first collaboration between Netflix and Gillis. The comedian’s 2023 special, “Beautiful Dogs,” reached Netflix’s Top 10 list in five countries and spent two weeks on Netflix’s Top 10 list in the U.S. On the heels of that success, the streamer ordered a new special from Gillis, which is expected to premiere in 2025. Gillis also performed as part of this year’s Netflix Is a Joke festival in Los Angeles, fronting sold-out shows at the Kia Forum, the Greek Theater and Arena. 

Created and written by Gillis, Steve Gerben and McKeever, “Tires” follows Will (Gerben), the nervous and unqualified heir to an auto repair chain. As he attempts to turn his father’s business around, Will is constantly tortured by his cousin and new employee Shane (Gillis). But when the company actually threatens to go under, this band of misfits has to work together to save their jobs.

In addition to Gillis and Gerben, the series also stars Chris O’Connor, Kilah Fox and Stavros Halkias, with Andrew Schulz as a guest star. McKeever directed the comedy.

Following “Beautiful Dogs,” “Tires” is the second production from Gillis and McKeever’s production company, Dad Sick Productions. It’s executive produced by Gillis, Berben and McKeever, as well as Brandon James for Rough House; Brian Stern and Kenneth Slotnick for AGI Entertainment Media & Management; and Becky Astphan.

In addition to his stand-up, Gillis is best known for the podcast “Matt and Shane’s Secret Podcast,” which is currently the podcast on Patreon with the most subscribers. In 2019, Gillis was hired to be part of “Saturday Night Live” but was fired soon after when an episode of his podcast surfaced that showed Gillis using ethnic slurs. As a response, Gillis wrote that he was “happy to apologize to anyone who’s actually offended by anything I’ve said” and referred to himself as a “comedian who pushes boundaries.” Gillis has maintained that the jokes that led to his firing were misquoted and taken out of context.


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