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‘Too Cute! Pint Sized’ Delivers Tiny Puppies & Kittens, Exactly as Promised (Exclusive Video)

Warning: Animals are too cute, and pint-sized

Prepare yourself for the most adorable sights yet known to man: Tiny puppies and kittens — on leashes, the kittens are on leashes, oh my God, stop — on Animal Planet’s new “Too Cute! Pint Sized.”

How cute is it? I’m a godforsaken middle-aged grown man, a person who worries about trans fats and watches PBS, telling you to stop buying stocks and perusing Trulia and to watch these videos, provided exclusively to TheWrap by Animal Planet. I was writing about Ferguson, Mo. when some kid at Animal Planet asked if I wanted the videos, and I, a grown-ass man, responded, “Obs.”

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The show premieres Saturday at 8/7c. How cute is it? The “Too Cute” puppies and kittens make the “Puppy Bowl” canines look like hyenas.

Here are some twin puppies making adorable noises:

Other puppies, looking like polar bears. We’re adopting the bejeezus out of Bandit:

It’s August, why not one more? Kittens on leashes: