Top 5 Movies With Kids Who Kill on This Week’s ‘What’s The Deal? With Jeff Sneider’ (Video)

In honor of "Kick-Ass 2," TheWrap's deal reporter counts down his favorite movies with killer kids

It's the dog days of summer and with half of Hollywood on vacation, there aren't too many deals to delve into. But this week saw the release of "Kick-Ass 2," which finds Chloe Grace Moretz's teenage Hit-Girl killing plenty of bad guys, as well as the trailer for Sundance drama "Blue Caprice," which casts young up-and-comer Tequan Richmond as Beltway sniper Lee Boyd Malvo. 

With Twitter talking about movies in which teenagers kill in cold blood, I decided to list my favorite movies featuring teenage murderers. Enjoy, but remember kids, it's all make believe!

Watch the video: