New ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Trailer Teases the Return of Val Kilmer’s Iceman (Video)

And he’s got a job for his old pal Maverick

Val Kilmer is back as Iceman in the newest trailer for Paramount’s “Top Gun: Maverick,” and apparently, he’s the reason Maverick is becoming a teacher.

In the new footage, we meet the latest crop of the Navy’s top pilots, and according to one them, “Everyone here is the best there is.” So, naturally, they’re a bit cocky as they wonder who their new teacher is. Enter: Tom Cruise.

As we’ve learned in previous trailers, Maverick’s reputation precedes him. But Jon Hamm’s Cyclone wants to make one thing very clear: that reputation isn’t what got him the job.

“You are here at the request of Admiral Kazansky, aka Iceman,” he says coldly, as the footage gives a quick shot of present day Kilmer. “He seems to think that you have something left to offer the Navy. What that is, I can’t imagine.”

As cheeky as ever, Maverick retorts that he doesn’t even consider himself a teacher, and wants to “manage expectations.”

Together, Maverick and his crew are setting out on a mission, which, according to Glen Powell’s “Hangman,” is “combat on a level no living pilot’s ever seen” — including Maverick. The footage even shows an ominous warning from Maverick himself, saying “Someone’s not coming back from this.”

And of course, through all of this, Maverick is dealing with the hostility of Bradley Bradshaw (Miles Teller), also known as Rooster. He’s Goose’s son, and he doesn’t trust Maverick at all, considering what happened to his father.

You can watch the full trailer here and above.