Justin Hartley Is a Master Survivalist in First ‘Tracker’ Trailer | Video

The actor’s first major role after “This Is Us” is set to premiere following Super Bowl LVIII Feb. 11 on CBS

Justin Hartley is showing off a new survivalist edge in his first major role since “This is Us.”

In the first trailer for CBS’ new drama “Tracker,” Hartley is introduced as lone-wolf Colter Shaw, who utilizes his “expert tracking skills to help private citizens and law enforcement solve all manner of mysteries,” according to the official logline, picking up rewards for his help along the way.

“You collect rewards, right?” a woman asks Hartley’s Colter in the trailer, to which he replies, “I prefer the term ‘rewardist,’ — Everyone’s looking for something.”

The gig is clearly working out well for Colter, as he tallies up lucrative prizes from a variety of people, including one driver who says he doesn’t know how to repay him.

“Just the reward money is fine,” Colter replies. “I believe it was $50 grand?”

Despite his goal-oriented facade, Colton uses his survival skills to save whatever endangered hikers or explorers he comes across.

“I’m a professional. This is how I make my living,” Shaw says as he helps an injured passerby. “How you survive is you make quick, smart decisions. You remain calm. You never let panic take the wheel.”

Based on Jeffery Deaver’s novel “The Never Game,” the series will also give viewers a look into Colton’s own fractured family as he makes his way across the country.

“Tracker” is set to premiere Sunday, Feb. 11 following Super Bowl LVIII on CBS and the CBS app. It will be also available to stream on Paramount+ live and on-demand for Paramount+ subscribers the day after the episode airs.

Hartley serves as an executive producer for the series alongside Ken Olin, Elwood Reid, Ben Winters and Jeffrey Deaver.


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