Stephen Colbert Lip-Reads Travis Kelce’s Super Bowl Outburst: ‘You’re Embarrassing Me in Front of My Girlfriend!’

The Chiefs tight end became a meme on Sunday night after he was caught on camera yelling at his coach

Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce became a meme during the Super Bowl on Sunday after he was caught on camera yelling at his coach, but in a special post-game “Late Show,” Stephen Colbert took a minute to assess the situation.

“The first half did not have a lot of action, it was almost an hour into the game before we got our first glimpse of Taylor Swift celebrating a long completion by Kansas City,” Colbert began. “But then the Chiefs immediately fumbled and Travis Kelce was seen yelling in frustration at coach Andy Reid. I’m a pretty good lip reader Jimmy, put that back up. I think he was saying, ‘You’re embarrassing me in front of my girlfriend! Geeze Louise!’”

The CBS host had more Taylor Swift jokes in-hand, taking aim at the Grammy-winning singer-songwriter being caught on camera chugging her drink.

“Even though her boy toy was angry, Tay-Tay still had some fun. At one point she was caught chugging her beer on the jumbotron. Hey, please have fun Taylor but please make sure you have a designated driver for your private jet.”

Then Colbert turned his attention to the social media manager for the NFL’s account.

“Then the NFL tweeted her chug accompanied simply by the word ‘Icon.’ If that’s what makes you an icon then my aunt Rita is an iconoholic.”

All eyes were on Swift and Kelce during the game, who embraced with a fairy tale smooch on the field after the Chiefs proved victorious.


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