Trevor Noah Thinks Donald Trump May Be His Own FBI Leak: ‘He’s the King of Snitching on Himself’ (Video)

“For all we know, he was bragging about it at the Mar-a-Lago buffet,” the “Daily Show” host said

Trevor Noah threw out some theories about who might have leaked information to the FBI that prompted the agency’s raid of Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort this week. While there are many possibilities, “The Daily Show” host urged his audience Thursday night not to rule out the twice-impeached former President himself.

“Before MAGA world tears itself apart trying to figure out who’s the rat, I think you should all consider the fact that Trump could be the leak,” Noah said. “Okay? Because if there’s one thing we’ve learned over the past seven years, it’s that he’s the king of snitching on himself. For all we know, he was bragging about it at the Mar-a-Lago buffet.”

Imitating Trump, he continued: “‘This chocolate cake is almost as unforgettable as the classified documents I keep in my basement. But not a single person knows. It was the perfect crime.”

And if it was, in fact, someone else who gave information to the federal government about whatever Trump was allegedly keeping at Mar-a-Lago, then Noah admitted he’s pretty shocked.

“I cannot believe someone would betray Trump’s trust like this…without getting a book deal first,” he joked. “You’re leaving money on the table, people! What are you doing?”

Before he moved on to other news, the late night host wished that he had time to continue pondering all of the other details related to the FBI investigation.

“If we had more time, we could get into how Trump has such a tight hold on the Republican party that they wanted to put him above the law,” he said. “Or we could talk about whether Merrick Garland unsealing the search warrant will convince Republicans that this search was justified.”

You can watch the full segment in the video above.