Trevor Noah Says Herschel Walker’s Texas Residence Is Proof He ‘Views Georgians as Family: He’s Never Around Them’ (Video)

“I did not think Herschel Walker knew the names of two different states,” Noah mocked

With less than one week to go until the runoff election for Georgia’s senate seat, Herschel Walker is facing more controversy with rising questions about his Georgia residency. But, for “Daily Show” host Trevor Noah, Walker living somewhere other than Georgia would be definitive proof that he treats Georgians exactly as he treats his own family.

This week, reports surfaced calling back to a campaign speech Walker made earlier this year, in which he outright reminded voters that “I live in Texas,” despite the fact that he’s trying to represent Georgia. “Which, I was shocked about, because I did not think Herschel Walker knew the names of two different states,” Noah mocked. “This was really impressive.”

While campaigning, though, Walker has claimed that he’s maintained a residence in Atlanta for nearly two decades. Then, on Tuesday, it was reported that that house has been rented out by Walker’s wife for years, until he used it as his official address when he launched his Senate bid last year. And for Noah, the idea of Walker living in an entirely different state than his constituents might actually work in his favor.

“When you think about it, this just proves that Herschel Walker views Georgians as family,” Noah reasoned. “Because he’s never around them!”

The “Daily Show” host is, obviously, poking fun at the many other scandals surrounding Walker. Earlier this year, it was reported that Walker — who is vocally anti-abortion — actually encouraged and paid for an ex-girlfriend to have an abortion several years ago. In the days following that news, Walker called it “a lie,” but was then revealed to have fathered multiple children that he had never publicly mentioned.

Noah latched onto that quickly, making it the butt of several jokes in his show. In October, after losing Pennsylvania senate candidate Mehmet Oz said that abortion is a decision that should be between “women, doctors, [and] local political leaders,” the “Daily Show” host argued that there’s only one politician in the country who should get to weigh in on an abortion — and that’s only because he might have a personal stake in the matter.

“I think we can all agree, there is only one politician who should have a say in your abortion — and that’s Herschel Walker, ’cause it’s his!” Noah joked. “It’s his. It’s probably his. Ladies, check. They’re all his.”

You can watch the full segment from “The Daily Show” in the video above.