Trevor Noah Says Donald Trump Has Gone ‘a Step Too Far’ by Possibly Burying Ivana at His Golf Course for a Tax Break (Video)

The late night host insisted that he “wouldn’t even laugh at that as a joke”

It’s rare that Trevor Noah doesn’t have a zinger, but the late night host was too appalled to find the funny in the situation after hearing during Monday’s episode of “The Daily Show” that Donald Trump may have buried his ex-wife Ivana at his New Jersey golf course for a tax break.

“The Tangerine Dream is back in the news with yet another scandal, because — this is one of the wildest things ever. Remember how his wife, Ivana, passed away, right? Well, it turns out The Donald may have managed to turn even that into a scam.”

Ivana Trump was buried near the first hole at Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey. Tax documents reported by ProPublica show that the Trump Family Trust previously sought to designate a property in a nearby town as a nonprofit cemetery company.

Shortly after Ivana’s burial, some began to question the decision to make the golf course her final resting place, because New Jersey tax code exempts any land dedicated to cemetery purposes from not just property or real estate taxes, but also business, sales, income, and inheritance taxes.

After hearing the reports, Noah was stunned into saying “wow” no less than five times before he finally found the words to express his feelings: “Even for him this feels like a step too far. I don’t care what anyone says.”

The late night host insisted that he “wouldn’t even laugh at that as a joke,” although Trump was clearly “taking notes” from whomever first suggested the move. Noah also raised some questions about why such a tax law exists in the first place.

“What this really shows you is how strange the tax system can really be. Like all this tax break does is incentivize you to be a weirdo. Who came up with this? It almost feels like the law was written by a serial killer.”

You can watch the full segment above.