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Trevor Noah Jokes Madison Cawthorn’s Run-Ins With the Law Make Him the Only Republican Keeping Police in Business

The Congressman is just racking up stars on ”Grand Theft Auto,“ Noah said

Trevor Noah took a few digs at Republican Congressman Madison Cawthorn on Thursday night’s “The Daily Show,” after airing a montage of several news reports about Cawthorn’s recent legal woes.

Some of his recent infractions included driving with a revoked license and being flagged by airport security for stowing a loaded handgun in his carry on bag.

“First, Madison Cawthorn was pulled over for swerving, then the cops found out he had an expired license plate. And then, he was busted for having a revoked drivers’ license. I mean, those are Hall of Fame numbers right there,” Noah said. “I don’t even think O.J. broke that many laws during his cop chase.”

And because Cawthorn has a revoked license, Noah jokingly warned his viewers before they considered giving the politician a ride to the airport (or anywhere else), after he was caught for the second time in a year carrying a gun in an airport.

“Before you judge, who hasn’t made this mistake, eh?” Noah asked. “The Uber is waiting outside. You’re trying to pack your bags real quick. You throw in your cologne, your underwear, your AK-47. ‘Oh, what am I doing?! You can’t take cologne on a plane.'”

He added, “The craziest part about this story is that’s the second time he was caught trying to bring a gun onto a plane in a year. I get it if you made this mistake like 15 years ago, but twice in one year? Why are you so invested in getting a gun on a plane? How intense is the battle for your armrest, my man? What are you doing?”

All these run-ins with the law actually earned some of Noah’s respect, the late night host said.

“You know, in a way I respect him. A lot of Republicans talk about being pro-police, but he’s the only one out here personally keeping all of these police departments in business. So I respect that.”

As an added bonus, Noah Joked, the infractions are just helping Cawthorn rack up stars on “Grand Theft Auto.”

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