Trump Flubs ‘Fox and Friends’ Quote, Touts Segment That Was Actually a Criticism

“A Trump endorsement is not going to make your career, a Trump refute is not going to kill your career,” co-host Joey Jones says

Donald Trump (Courtesy of Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images)

Donald Trump flubbed a “Fox and Friends” quote by touting a segment of the Fox News show he believed was a compliment when in fact, it was actually a criticism of the former President’s campaign.

“Rachel Campos-Duffy and Will Cain, two terrific people (along with Pete Hegseth!), were right this morning on ‘Fox & Friends.’ Almost 99% of the people I support in a Republican Primary, WIN!” the former President wrote on Truth Social Sunday morning, adding a quote that read, “A Trump Endorsement will MAKE YOUR CAREER, A TRUMP FIGHT MAKES IT VERY DIFFICULT!”

As it turns out, the hosts made the exact opposite point while discussing Trump’s Saturday rally in Pickens, South Carolina. During the discussion, Joey Jones, who stepped in during Hegseth’s absence, argued that the former President’s support — or lack thereof — would not “make” nor “kill” a Republican politician’s career, using his home state of Georgia as an example, where an endorsement or refute from Trump “did not change the governor’s race in Georgia for Brian Kemp,” since he had already solidified his “MAGA agenda” in the state.

“Trump is so antithetical to the way politics works when it comes to business as usual,” Jones said during the Fox News show. “A Trump endorsement is not going to make your career, a Trump refute is not going to kill your career. Are you in line with Trump’s policies? That’s what’s going to matter to the American people.”

While Jones added that Republicans are “very loyal” to Trump, with many considering the ongoing indictments against him “unfair,” they are not “completely oblivious to what policies are and how they’re enacted and how people are affected by them.”

“You can go to states like Georgia and see politicians who are America First in their agenda that don’t have a good relationship with Donald Trump, and they’re very popular,” Jones said. “You can go to states like South Carolina and see a career politician who’s viewed as a part of the military-industrial complex establishment, who probably sits in a very different place than Donald Trump on Ukraine. And even with Donald Trump standing there, they’re like, ‘No, we don’t need you around anymore.’” 

Jones was, of course, referencing Trump’s South Carolina rally in his statement, during which Lindsey Graham was booed off the stage by supporters of the former President.

Trump also referenced the Saturday rally in the final part of his Truth Social post, writing “Over 75,000 people came to our incredible Rally yesterday in South Carolina, despite an almost 100-degree temperature. It was amazing, THE PEOPLE WERE GREAT. Thank you Pickens!!!”