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Trump Releases Random Statement Praising Old Plane Used While Campaigning

”Many people have asked about the beautiful Boeing 757 that became so iconic during the Trump rallies,“ former president claims

Former president Donald Trump answered a question Friday night that “many people” — according to him — have been asking when he released a statement on the whereabouts of his old Boeing 757.

“Many people have asked about the beautiful Boeing 757 that became so iconic during the Trump rallies. It was effectively kept in storage in Upstate New York in that I was not allowed to use it during my presidency. It is now being fully restored and updated and will be put back into service sometime prior to the end of the year. It will soon be brought to a Louisiana service facility for the completion of work, inspection and updating of Rolls-Royce engines, and a brand new paint job. When completed, it will be better than ever, and again used at upcoming rallies!” he enthused in an emailed statement.

Trump’s personal plane with his name emblazoned on its side was frequently seen as a backdrop during rallies. And while campaigning, if you saw a photo of him aboard a plane, noshing on KFC, it was on this Boeing, equipped with seat buckles covered in 24-karat gold and ornate bathrooms to match.

It’s unclear who may have been wondering about the plane, especially given the fact that CNN ran a whole story in March about its location and condition. That story was called “Glory days of Trump’s gold-plated 757 seem far away as plane sits idle at a sleepy airport.”

Since his ban from major social media platforms, the one-term Republican president has been using emailed statement to convey the often-anodyne sentiments he once relied on Twitter to disperse. Occasionally, these statements still include Twitter-specific characters, like @ symbols. Often, multiple hit the inboxes of supporters and journalists in the course of a single day.

Throughout his public life, Trump has often cited “many people” who he doesn’t name, but who, he insists, say things to him, which he then responds to in speeches, posts or statements.

Much of what Trump said in his sudden and inexplicable Friday statement was covered in CNN’s two-month-old piece, but proves once again there are always two ways to look at even the most basic stories.