Trump Has ‘Almost No Chance’ in Defamation Case Against CNN, Legal Experts Say

”He’s filing it because it helps perpetuate his narrative that he’s a victim of the system,“ one attorney tells TheWrap

Donald Trump has “almost no chance” in the defamation case he filed Monday against CNN, legal experts say of the former president’s latest attempt to sue a news organization over negative coverage — his fourth since 2020, when he filed an earlier suit against CNN as well as The New York Times and The Washington Post.

“This new suit seems to have even less of a chance than the previous ones,” said Fred Schauer, a law professor at the University of Virginia, who added that the strong opinions and interpretations targeted in the suit cannot be the basis for a defamation action by a public official or candidate for public office following the landmark 1964 Supreme Court decision in New York Times v. Sullivan.

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