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Tucker Carlson Asked for Hunter Biden’s Help Getting His Son Into College

Emails were unearthed on Biden’s laptop that conservatives have pressed to be searched for evidence of his business interests with China

Tucker Carlson and his wife Susie asked Hunter Biden for help in getting their son admission into Georgetown University — Biden’s alma mater — according to emails found on Biden’s controversial laptop, the Washington Post reports.

In the emails dated from 2014, the Carlsons asked Biden to draft a recommendation letter or speak with the university’s admissions office.

The transcripts begin with Susie asking Biden if he could “maybe … meet or speak to [their son, Buckley] and he could send you a very brief resume with his interests and grades attached.” The Fox News host added that their son Buckley was skilled in squash and a good fly fisherman. Susie added, “Tucker and I would be so grateful if you could write a letter or speak to someone in the Georgetown Admission’s Office about Buckley.”

In response, Biden agreed to draft a letter addressed to the university’s president, adding, “I will do anything you would like me to do.”

“Tucker and I have the greatest respect and admiration for you,” a grateful Susie wrote. “Always!”

“I can’t thank you enough for writing that letter to Georgetown on Bucky’s behalf,” Carlson later added. “So nice of you. I know it’ll help. Hope you’re great and we can all get dinner soon.”

The words are a stark contrast to Carlson’s treatment of Biden since then, especially on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” Along with many other arch-conservatives, Biden has been a target for purportedly profiting off of his family name and his history of drug use and addiction. 

“When your dad is president, you get superpowers,” Carlson said last year following news that Biden was pursuing an art career. “Maybe Hunter Biden will invent a new vaccine next we will be required to take. Who knows? You never know. The sky is the limit when your dad is in power.

As recently as late March, Carlson alleged a Biden-linked firm funded a Ukrainian bioweapons lab, echoing an unproven Russian state media claim.

Previous communications between Carlson and Biden have been reported, originating from a device that had material from a laptop that Biden allegedly left at a Delaware computer repair store in 2019. It was this leak that several conservatives were claiming would have proof of Biden’s corruption regarding business dealings in China and Ukraine.

Fox News Channel’s Greg Gutfeld even had a theory that worldwide starvation could sweep the planet and devastate civilization — and Biden’s laptop will have triggered the whole thing.

“Hunter Biden was my neighbor,” Carlson said in an interview with the Post regarding the matter. “Our wives were friends. I knew him well. I talked to him many times about addiction, something I know a lot about. And I’ve said that. I think that Hunter Biden is an addict and that’s why his life is falling apart, and I feel bad for him. I’ve said that many times, and I mean it.”

However, Carlson refused to discuss the emails, and Biden declined to comment through his lawyer. Buckley did not respond to requests for comment, and it’s unclear if Biden ever drafted the letter and if Buckley was accepted to Georgetown (he attended the University of Virginia).

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