Tucker Carlson Is Upset the Pentagon Is Focusing More on Diversity Than UFOs (Video)

Diversity initiatives in the military distract the Pentagon from fighting aliens, Tucker argues

Tucker Carlson really believes the truth is out there regarding aliens, but the Pentagon is choosing to ignore that. And, as with most things that don’t go the way Tucker wants them to, that makes him quite mad.

During Monday’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Fox News, Tucker expressed anger that the U.S. military — namely generals in the Pentagon like secretary of defense Lloyd Austin — are in his view more focused on diversity initiatives than investigating aliens. The entire Department of Defense was in Tucker’s sights as he questioned why efforts to make the armed forces more inclusive were taking precedent over dealing with what might be extra-terrestrial flyovers.

“This is your country, please defend it. It is becoming clear they have no interest in defending it,” Tucker said about the Department of Defense. “This is the latest example of that,” he added, before throwing to a clip of UFO talking head Bill Whitaker who told CBS’ “60 Minutes” that UFOs are not only real but “regularly” spotted zipping through U.S. restricted air space.

“The Pentagon admits it doesn’t know what in the world this is,” Tucker said after playing a clip of the most recent UFO footage on “60 Minutes.” “From a national security perspective, that is a very big problem.”

Tucker then said that according to a Navy pilot, there are UFOs flying around off the coast of Virginia “every day” for the past two years and the government is doing nothing about them because they’re too weak.

“The Pentagon, after every day for two years of daily incursions, didn’t appear to do anything,” Tucker said. “Why didn’t they? We’re just guessing, one possible explanation (is) they couldn’t. Our military was completely outmatched technologically by whatever these were.”

“And, whatever these were, they weren’t weather balloons,” Tucker said. He then turned to arguing that Space Force, which was authorized by President Trump in 2019, is too busy “purging” its ranks to focus on defending us from aliens. Tucker was referring to Space Force Lt. Col. Matthew Lohmeier, who was removed from his post on the Space Force after he criticized the military’s diversity and inclusion programs and called them “Marxist.”

According to Tucker despite daily “invasions,” aliens might not be the biggest threat to soldiers after all. Tucker lasered in on Lloyd Austin’s efforts to make the military more diverse earlier in the show and said, “having Lloyd Austin at the Pentagon is like handing control of the entire U.S. military to the editorial page of the New York Times.”

Tucker’s criticized the military’s attempts to diversify before and even provoked a response from the Pentagon last week.

“What we absolutely won’t do is take personnel advice from a talk-show host or the Chinese military,” Pentagon press secretary John Kirby told the Wall Street Journal May 11. Kirby added that Austin felt “revulsion” when he first got wind of Tucker’s comments.

Among other dubiously factual things Tucker has said on Fox News lately, he has repeated conspiracy theories that Dr. Anthony Fauci helped create the coronavirus, compared COVID-19 safety measures at weddings to the movie “Footloose,” and claimed that the coronavirus vaccines kill people after they take them, which just isn’t true at all.

That’s all a welcome reminder of the fact that a judge ruled in a federal case recently that Tucker is anything but a credible source of news, and that anyone watching his program should approach it with a “appropriate amount of skepticism.”

Watch the clip at the top of the page.


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