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‘Two and a Half Men’ Plans Same-Sex Marriage for Kutcher, Cryer Characters

TCA 2014: Longtime domestic partners will take the next step

Like many sitcoms, “Two and a Half Men” plans a wedding in its final season between two major characters. One twist: They’re both heterosexual men.

“Modern Family” featured the long-awaited nuptials of Cam and Mitchell last season. But “Men” is breaking down a new barrier by having Walden (Ashton Kutcher) propose to Alan (Jon Cryer).

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“Walden has a near-death experience,” CBS entertainment chief Nina Tassler told TheWrap. “It forces him into sort of this existential quandary and to evaluate the meaning of his life, the quality of his life, which prompts him to say, ‘I need to put down deeper roots.’ And he wants to adopt a child.”

Walden believes it will be easier to adopt as part of a couple than it would be as a single man.

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“You know [showrunner] Chuck Lorre,” Tassler said. “There is no topic that he won’t dive into and make a part of the public conversation.”

Asked if she expects much controversy, she replied: “It’s going to engage people who perhaps have not wanted to be part of this conversation before,” she said. “The reality is it is legal, same-sex marriage, and it is legal for you to adopt a child and that’s what they’re doing. And they’re doing it in a very public forum. It’s a ruse, but the reality is it is legal and it may engage viewers who haven’t necessarily wanted to talk about it before and people will be talking about it.”

Might one of the roommates realize they’ve loved the other all along?

“That I don’t know,” Tassler said.


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