Tyler Perry’s Dream Retirement? Smoking Weed on a Beach and ‘Getting as High as I’ve Ever Wanted to Be’

“That’s a good plan!” interviewer Kelly Ripa tells the prolific, 54-year-old writer/director

Tyler Perry as Madea
Tyler Perry as Madea

Tyler Perry is one of the hardest-working creators in Hollywood, but he already has a vision of how he wants to spend his retirement.

The prolific actor/writer/director, 54, joined Kelly Ripa on her “Let’s Talk About It Off Camera” Sirius XM podcast and was asked how he wants to spend his later years.

“Do you ever think about retiring and what that looks like for you?” Ripa asked Perry.

“I do, but I think my retirement will be more like Clint Eastwood, you know, so instead of doing 12 movies in four years, I’ll probably be doing one movie in six months or something like that,” Perry responded, referencing the legendary actor/director, who is still working into his 90s.

“Right. One movie in six months. I love that. So, a real slow down,” Ripa replied.

“A real slowdown, yeah, but ideally, I’d love to be on a beach smoking weed. Just no cares. Just smoking as much as I want. Just getting as high as I’ve ever wanted to be and just say whatever’s on my mind, so that’s my retirement days,” Perry answered.

Ripa approved, saying “That’s a good plan!”

One thing’s for certain: Perry will be smoking his marijuana and not drinking it, after previously sharing a bad interaction with a “weed drink.”

Perry’s next projects include writing and directing “Six Triple Eight,” a story about the all-Black, all-female battalion during World War II starring Kerry Washington, Sam Waterston, Susan Sarandon and Perry’s close friend Oprah Winfrey. He also in post-production for “Mea Culpa” at Netflix, “Black, White and Blue” at Amazon Studios and the upcoming “Divorce in the Black,” also at Amazon (the second of a four-picture deal there).

You can hear more of Perry’s “Let’s Talk Off Camera” interview with Ripa, including how he became friends with Oprah, here.


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