Ugandan Little League Team Makes History in Fuse’s ‘Opposite Field’ (Exclusive Video)

Documentary will make its TV premiere Saturday, Dec. 5

oppo_clean3_1 from Opposite Field on Vimeo.

Fuse is set to debut “Opposite Field” next month, a documentary about the first African Little League team to qualify for the World Series.

The documentary from director Jay Shapiro follows a Ugandan Little League team determined to make history as the first African team in 70 years to play in the Little League World Series and stand proudly for their country on the international stage. It will premiere Satuday, Dec. 5 on Fuse.

“People see Africa and they think we are poor,” one of the players says in a new sneak peek of the film, “But when I play baseball, I can show them my best.”

Filmed over the course of three years, “Opposite Field” chronicles the ups and downs of the coach and players’ journeys and also features MLB players Jimmy Rollins & Derrek Lee (retired), who spend time guiding and rooting the team on as they strive to make their legacy playing America’s pastime.

The film is directed, written and narrated by Jay Shapiro and co-produced with John Gentile, Nick Goldfarb and Krista Saponara. Jason Krange served as director of photography, and Aleks de Carvalho served as composer.

“Opposite Field” premieres Saturday, Dec. 5 at 9 p.m. on Fuse.

Watch the video.