USA Today Shuttering USA Weekend Magazine

“With the success of our weekend Life offering, we believe it provides our readers and affiliates with a superior product,” publisher Larry Kramer writes

USA Today is ending operation on its weekend magazine, publisher Larry Kramer announced Friday.

Kramer explained that an enhanced focus on spreading content to USA Today affiliates to circulate content was the reason for the move. The final issue will come out on Dec. 28.

In September, USA Today cut approximately 70 jobs in a move aimed at cutting costs while facing shrinking print sales and enhancing it focus on digital and mobile.

USA Weekend Magazine served dozens of Gannett newspapers, which is the magazine’s parent company. An insider familiar with USA Today’s decision to end its weekend magazine told TheWrap: “The publication has struggled for more than a year, relying on USA Today writers to help fill the magazine, which saw itself as competition for Parade Magazine.”

There is currently no word on how many employees will be laid off.

Read the internal memo written by Kramer, obtained by TheWrap, below:

Dear Colleagues:

After careful consideration, we have decided to close USA WEEKEND Magazine. The December 28 issue of USA WEEKEND Magazine will be its last.

Over the past year, we’ve talked often about the success of our partnership with U.S. Community Publishing in the 35 markets where USA TODAY is included in their daily news products. After evaluating the research, many of our readers have told us that they enjoy the addition of the USA TODAY content into their local publications, and they have especially enjoyed the expanded weekend Life content, given its timely entertainment and lifestyle news. With the success of our weekend Life offering, we believe it provides our readers and affiliates with a superior product to USA WEEKEND Magazine. Over the next few weeks, we will be working with USA WEEKEND affiliates to discuss the weekend Life product.

With the closure of USA WEEKEND, many of you will say farewell to great colleagues. We are extremely grateful for the contributions made by each of those individuals – they will be missed.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me or to your manager.

Larry Kramer