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‘Vampire Diaries’ Boss and Stars Discuss Saying Goodbye to Damon and Bonnie in Season 6 (Video)

Comic-Con 2014: The panel don’t make any solid statements of whether the characters return

Of course, Bonnie (Kat Graham) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) are coming back, right? CW’s “Vampire Diaries” boss Julie Plec and the cast aren’t telling.

Saturday’s panel began with a video starting just as the other side was imploding with Bonnie and Damon in it. But, the lights do go back on to reveal the actors on an empty soundstage wondering if they’ve been written off of the show. Their castmates took a good amount of time surveying what was left behind. Will they get more beefed up parts, bigger paychecks, new and returning characters who’ll fill the gaps?

Watch the video above.

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“What’s the result of the other side being destroyed? Anybody who’s ever died before can’t come back,” showrunner Julie Plec said. “It’s equal parts heartbreaking and good.

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For example, it did give the show a chance to pull back some characters we missed, such as Alaric (Matt Davis).

Plec revealed that there will be a four-month time jump when Season 6 begins. That allows the show to start where everyone’s made some “big choices” and they’re trying to work out how to move forward. Some are doing well, others not so much.

For Elena? “She’s definitely not in a happy place, though she has a confusing, strange way to deal with the grief,” Nina Dobrev said.

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And how does Alaric fit in? “We find Alaric living outside Mystic Falls and teaching at the local university,” Davis said. Plec reveals there’s some romance in his future.

“I think people do get naughty in our universe, and if anyone deserves a little naughtiness it’s probably Professor Saltzman,” Plec said.

As for other relationships, Dobrev weighed in on a possible Stefan (Paul Wesley)-Caroline (Candice Accola) coupling. She said it would be hypocritical of Elena to get mad about Stefan dating her best friend — after all, she dated both brothers.

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“Stefan has been good. He deserves some action,” Wesley interjected.

One fan asked if it’s possible for Elena and Stefan to rekindle their relationship. Plec sounds like she’s pretty happy with them being friends and that missing Damon will be the focus for Elena for a while.

Alaric will play a fatherly role with Jeremy (Steven McQueen), who’s being told to move on by some. His response? “How dare you, no one has gone through what I’ve gone through,” Plec paraphrased.

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So, back to the first question: When will Bonnie and Damon come back from wherever they ended up? No one is saying for sure.

“These new dynamics are exciting for us,” Somerhalder said. “Change is good.”

“I wasn’t sad, I actually felt empowered,” Graham said of Bonnie’s last scene. “In the end, it was her choice.”