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‘Walking Dead’ Star Norman Reedus Discusses Season 4, Dying, and Saving a Life in Atlanta (Video)

The actor who plays ”Walking Dead“ fan favorite Daryl Dixon also revealed his favorite TV shows in the latest episode of TheWrap’s ”Drinking with the Stars“

One of the best things about AMC’s hit zombie drama is that viewers never know which character will die — a prospect Norman Reedus revealed is just as nerve-wracking for the actors playing them as you would expect.

“We’d all be lying if we didn’t get the scripts and thumb through to the end to see if we’re still alive,” Reedus said  in the latest episode of TheWrap‘s “Drinking with the Stars” (above). “It sucks when someone dies on that show, because we’re such a tight-knit family down there. We shoot it out in the woods, and we don’t have any of the other distractions that you would have on a set, say in Burbank, or something.”

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He has no idea when his character, Daryl Dixon, is going to die. But he does know that his “favorite” episodes are coming up after the Feb. 9 mid-season premiere, including “a big one” for Daryl.

Reedus plays one of the most heroic survivors of the group on the show, and it turns out, he’s pretty heroic in real life, too. The actor revealed he actually saved a stranger’s life in Georgia once when he was on his way home from set — just hours after going to the hospital, himself.

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“We leave the set, we go up over a hill, and there’s an 18-wheeler on its side,” Reedus explained. “So I jumped out of the van, pulled this big guy out of a truck out of a ditch, dropped him on the ground, and then the ambulance comes, and he’s running over and goes, ‘Did I just take you to the hospital?'”

Season 4 of “The Walking Dead” resumes on AMC on Sunday at 9 p.m.