‘Walking Dead’ Premiere: 4 Stars on What to Expect for Season 5 (Video)

AMC’s zombie apocalypse series “Walking Dead” returns Sunday, Oct. 12.

walking dead season 5 countdown

TheWrap looks ahead to Season 5 of AMC’s “The Walking Dead” with 4 episodes of “Drinking With the Stars”

VIDEO: ‘Walking Dead’ Star Steven Yeun Reveals the New Threat of Season 5
 “The war within ourselves. It’s really just choosing which way to live, because if you’re out there too long, sometimes you can’t come back.”

Watch part 2 for Yeun on Glenn and Maggie, and why fans shouldn’t get too attached to one character:

VIDEO: ‘Walking Dead’ Star Sonequa Martin Green Talks Season 5 Romance, Pregnancy and Public Obsession With Her Feet
“Oh my goodness. Apparently, there’s this thing where people search for people’s feet,” Martin-Green said. “I think it happens to a lot of people.”

AMC’s ‘Walking Dead’ EP Teases 5 Things to Expect on Season 5
“If you think you’ve seen the characters pushed as far as they can go, just know that this season we’ve found a few new levels,” Hurd told TheWrap.

VIDEO:  ‘Walking Dead’ Star Chad Coleman Reveals ‘Everything Goes to Hell Pretty Fast’ on Season 5
“Right out of the box, there’s going to be some incredibly gruesome stuff,” Chad Coleman, who plays Tyreese on the AMC drama, told TheWrap’s Rebecca Rosenberg during a new episode of “Drinking With the Stars.”


VIDEO: ‘Walking Dead’ Star Josh McDermitt Reveals Season 5’s Zombie Cure
Though he wouldn’t go into specific season premiere details, McDermitt did talk about the relationship between his and Rick’s groups: “So here we are in this train car, knowing that there’s a threat outside because we’ve been thrown in here, but now who are these new people coming in? That are just seemingly at the end of their rope.”