Wanda Sykes Defends Trump’s Court Behavior Because He’s ‘Old’: ‘You Fall Asleep and You Toot a Little Bit’ | Video

The comedian appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” to joke about Trump and promote the latest season of “The Upshaws”

Wanda Sykes may not support Donald Trump, but she is defending him in one very specific way: the alleged courtroom farting.

“I am enjoying the Trump trial, I really am. I know they say he’s passing gas and everything, so I like that I’m watching it from home. I don’t think I want to be in that room,” the comedian told Jimmy Kimmel on Tuesday night.

The gassy rumors originated from attorney Ben Meiselas who said he heard from “credible sources” that Trump is passing gas in court and that his attorneys are “really struggling with the smell.” Of course, due to the nature of farting, it’s impossible to say for certain that the alleged smell is coming from the former President. These claims have compounded with Maggie Haberman’s reporting that Trump is falling asleep in the courtroom to create quite a picture.

“The thing is, he’s old. So that’s what happens when you’re old. You fall asleep, and you toot a little bit,” Sykes, who recently celebrated her 60th birthday, said. “I mean, I do it.”

Kimmel acknowledged that typically it’s not acceptable to mock an older man for, well, acting like an older man. But the late night host pointed to Trump and the Republican party’s treatment of Joe Biden’s age as a reason why he feels comfortable joking about Trump’s flatulence.

“You know if Joe Biden did something like that, he’d have a blimp with ‘Joe Biden Farted’ on it flying over the courtroom,” Kimmel said.

“They would pump sound in. They would like put a mic right by his butt,” Sykes said.

The iconic comedian then noted her frustration with Trump supporters as audience members. “You know, you can’t make fun of [Donald Trump]. The Trump people get really upset,” Sykes said. “Some of them be coming to my show, and, again, I’m like, ‘Why are y’all here? Don’t you know me by now?’”

Skyes stopped by “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” to promote the latest season of her Netflix comedy, “The Upshaws.” Also starring Kim Fields and Mike Epps, the sitcom follows a working class Black family in Indiana trying to make a better life for themselves.


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