Washington Post Journalists Go on 24-Hour Strike to Protest Layoffs, Stalled Contract Talks

700 employees are participating in the one-day walkout on Thursday 

Washington Post sign outside its headquarters.
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Around 700 Washington Post employees walked out on Thursday, engaging in a 24-hour long strike in protest of stalled union contract negotiations and announced layoffs. 

This is the first walkout at the outlet since the 1970s, according to union leadership. The Washington Post Guild posted on X that employees of the outlet are protesting “because our company is refusing to bargain in good faith and breaking the law.” 

“We demand a fair contract for all and a better buyout deal to avert layoffs,” the post continued. 

The union encouraged the general public to avoid crossing the picket line by “avoiding Post journalism” during the 24-hour strike. 

Additionally, the walking includes a physical picket line outside of the office on Thursday. 

The protest comes as the Washington Post said that layoffs are coming by the end of the year if staffers do not agree to buyouts. The outlet seeks to cut 240 jobs across its newsroom and will resort to involuntary layoffs if necessary. 

The Washington Post is not the only major publication to organize against management in a strike. Just last December, the New York Times staff held a 24-hour walkout after the paper’s management ceased participating in negotiations. 

In November, Will Lewis, former publisher of The Wall Street Journal, was named the next chief executive and publisher of the Washington Post. Lewis will begin his role on Jan. 2. 


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  1. philospeak Avatar

    If they care ONE IOTA, “journalists” from Washington Post (also called the Regime Media), would strike for 24 months and EVERYONE would be better and wiser.

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