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Watch Corey Feldman Knock His Own Tooth Out in Concert (Video)

Actor/musician suffers dental trauma after his microphone gets all up in his grill

Say what you will about Corey Feldman’s musical career, the guy knows how to put some bite into his performance. Or take some out.

Actor/musician/reality star Feldman found himself with one less chomper on Wednesday night, after his microphone got all up in his grill.

According to the Milwaukee Record, Feldman managed to knock his own tooth out while performing at Shank Hall in Milwaukee with his band The Angels.

The smash-mouth moment occurred about 30 minutes into Feldman’s set, as he and his band tore through the song “Something in Your Eyes.”

After retrieving the errant tooth, Feldman went backstage to tend to the matter, while his band kept the crowd entertained with a cover of Alanis Morissette’s “Uninvited.”

Hopefully Feldman put the tooth under his pillow Wednesday night — he’ll probably need the cash for his dentist bill.

Hey, at least he didn’t drop the American flag this time.

Watch Feldman go totally dental in the video.