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Watch ‘Home Alone’ Perp Marv’s Terrified Response to Older Macaulay Culkin (Video)

Daniel Stern responds in-character to Culkin’s video introducing the older, more sinister Kevin McCallister

Keep the tears, ya filthy animal.

Actor Daniel Stern, who played Marv in “Home Alone,” responded to Macaulay Culkin‘s new character — an updated version of Kevin McCallister who’s a deranged killer of home invaders — by screaming for his fellow wet bandit Harry to come and save him.

“Harry, Harry, come find me Harry, I’m scared … the kid is back!” Marv says uncontrollably, calling out for his partner in crime, played by Joe Pesci 25 years ago.

“Nobody believed us about this stupid kid!,” Marv continued, recounting all the mischief McCallister created at his and Harry’s expense.

“Please Harry … I’m Home Alone, and I’m scared!” he concluded.

As Marv continues to squeal like a child, the video fades to black with him screaming in the background.

Did McCallister get to him? Watch the video