Watch the First 5 Minutes of ‘Utopia’ and Its Steampunk Cartoonist Narrator

Spoiler alert: None of the participants agree on what a utopia should look like

We can save you at least a season of watching Fox’s “Utopia” with this small spoiler alert: It turns out that what makes a utopia a utopia is completely subjective, and not everyone agrees.

If you’re interest in the specifics of how that problem plays out, you might enjoy watching the first five minutes of the show, which premiered Sunday.

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It is narrated by cartoonist Dan Piraro (“Bizarro”), who looks fashionably steampunk with his twisty mustache, derby, rounded glasses and vest. He tells us the the show will be “”the biggest social experiment ever televised.”

Since that social experiment takes place on a primetime reality show, it involves lots of conflict. One of the 15 participants, Jonathan, wants to “go to Utopia to put God back at the center, where he belongs.”

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We cut from there to a foursome in a pool, followed by Hex, another participant, saying:  “The evils in our society today are money, power and religion, and my utopia would have none.”

There are also debates over guns, exploiting animals, and other stuff.

Oh wait: Maybe “Utopia” is one of those ironic titles.

Watch the video: