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Daniel Radcliffe’s Al Yankovic Is Definitely Weird – and a Little Cruel – in New Biopic Trailer (Video)

According to the comedic biopic’s new trailer, Yankovic was the type to put out cigarettes on human bodies

Weird Al Yankovic may be best known for his, well, weirdness – but there was some darkness to the satirist, too. And in the new trailer for “Weird,” Roku’s biopic on the singer, we see just how intense that darkness could get.

Naturally, the footage shows the origins of some of Weird Al’s most famous parodies — including “My Bologna.” According to this movie, it came about as he was explaining to his friends what exactly he wanted to do with his life — and apparently, it gave them chills in the room. But not everyone wanted Yankovic to pursue his passions.

At the start of the trailer, we meet a young Weird Al, eating a meal with his family, and being encouraged to “stop being who you are and doing the things you love.” Flash forward to his high school years, and Yankovic is secretly reading “Accordion World” magazine on the bus, and getting busted for being at a polka party. Of course, that all leads to his destiny, making incredible parodies of popular songs.

Like we said, though, “Weird” is also set to shine some light on the darker sides of Yankovic’s career. Apparently, he was the type to put out cigarettes on someone’s hand, after being told he can’t smoke in a record exec’s office. Audiences also see him screaming at his bandmates, scolding them all for being too normal.

And then, of course, there’s Weird Al’s relationship with Madonna, played in this movie by Evan Rachel Wood. As she coyly asks if he’s going to lampoon her hit song “Like a Virgin,” we are suddenly transported through a montage of their relationship — including when Weird Al’s manager admits Madonna might’ve been a bad influence on him.

Directed by Eric Appel, who co-wrote with Yankovic himself, the cast of the Roku biopic also includes Quinta Brunson and Rainn Wilson.

“Weird: The Weird Al Yankovic Story” will make its world premiere at TIFF, leading the Midnight Madness program’s 10-film lineup. As Midnight Madness’ opening night film, the biopic will premiere on Sept. 8 at 11:59 EST.

You can watch the full trailer for “Weird” in the video above.