Werner Herzog Doesn’t Like Sex Scenes, Either – Calls Intimacy Coordinators One of Hollywood’s ‘Stupidities’ | Video

“If you really want to see a sex scene, just watch porno films,” the filmmaker says on “Piers Morgan Uncensored”

Werner Herzog sees you, Gen Z: He doesn’t like sex scenes, either.

As frisky business disappears from Hollywood screens, the old-school filmmaker shares the youngest moviegoing generation’s distaste for “indiscreet” sequences committed to film, telling Piers Morgan this week that “if you really want to see a sex scene, just watch porno films.”

Herzog joined “Piers Morgan Uncensored” for a wide-ranging interview that included his thoughts on cancel culture (“it has changed the climate on movie sets in a good way … women are much more respected”), wokeness (“it has its excesses”) and onscreen sex.

“When you look at productions in Hollywood now, if you have, for example, a scene where the leading character, the young lovers have to kiss each other, you have to engage an ‘intimacy consultant,’” Herzog said. “Okay, so those are the excesses and those are the stupidities. Much of it comes basically down to human behavior and intimacy on screen. What is decent human behavior?”

Herzog said it’s never been an issue on his sets – because in all his years of making films, he never once shot a sex scene.

“I was never confronted with this question because in all my films that I have made, there’s not a single sex scene,” he said. “And there’s not a, I think only once or twice in films of mine, a couple is kissing but fleetingly, really. … I think on a screen, there’s a certain discretion. I don’t like that when a screen in the movies or on your TV or wherever becomes too indiscreet where boundaries of humanness are somehow transgressed.”

Morgan also asked Herzog if Hollywood is “going down a perilous route when it tries to tick too many diversity boxes before it even makes a movie? Or do you think that is a healthy progression?”

“I’m not the judge of Hollywood, and I’m not the judge of other filmmakers,” Herzog responded. “But of course, excesses are visible, and the pendulum will swing back. And it will settle in a much more healthy way than we see it right now. Don’t worry too much about it. It’s very ephemeral. The general tendency is right, and excesses forget about them. They will be the laughing stock of tomorrow.”

Watch the entire exchange in the video above.


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