Writers Are Anonymous in Hollywood – but Tech Could Change That | PRO Insight

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Smart contracts could connect fans with creators more fairly, effectively and efficiently, writes Daril Fannin, a screenwriter and Kino CEO

Writers struck over emerging tech issues in 2008. Could they strike again in 2023?
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The Writers Guild has officially authorized a strike, with 97.9% of members voting in favor. In ongoing negotiations that might yet avert a work stoppage, they’re demanding a change in business practices in Hollywood to allow for more fair and equitable compensation and more supportive working conditions. 

The conflict between writers and studios is an opportunity for creators to retool their entire relationship with audiences. There are technologies that can connect fans directly to writers and creators, enabling a more equitable revenue share between them. Marketplace examples like Patreon have shown that just by creating a direct connection, a handful of creators can make six or seven figures and many more can earn a steady flow of income.