What Box Office Recovery? Low Points Are Getting Lower as COVID Anxiety Grows

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After big weekends for “F9” and “Black Widow,” turnout for genre films like “Old” and “Snake Eyes” seems lower than in years past

snake eyes old
Paramount; Universal

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In a normal box office, down periods are common. Some weekends will bring films with little mainstream interest or weak word-of-mouth while theaters simply wait for the next big franchise blockbuster to get business going again.

But in a theatrical market still wrestling with the effects of COVID-19, the low points are getting lower. We saw it last month when Warner Bros.’ “In the Heights” failed to become the hit many industry observers had hoped, and we’re seeing it again this weekend with the sub-$20 million debut for Universal’s “Old” and Paramount’s “Snake Eyes” while many overseas markets faced renewed pandemic regulations.


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