‘What’s the Deal’ With Action Stars Over 50? (Video)

TheWrap film reporter Jeff Sneider picks five actors who could be the Next Neeson

[Editor’s Note: In the video, “The Gunman” actress Jasmine Trinca is referred to as French, but she is actually Italian. TheWrap regrets the error.]

In honor of new Sean Penn release “The Gunman” and last weekend’s Liam Neeson movie “Run All Night,” TheWrap’s film reporter Jeff Sneider asks “What’s the Deal? With 50-Year-Old Action Stars” in this week’s episode.

At 62 years old, Neeson can still brawl with the best of them, but with an $11 million opening weekend for “Run All Night,” it may be time for Hollywood to start looking for the Next Neeson.

Sneider offers five surprising suggestions for mature leading men who are still box office draws and could soon take over the throne of this lucrative subgenre of action movie.

Watch the video and leave a comment below to let TheWrap know if you agree with Sneider or if you have someone else in mind.