‘Wheel of Fortune’ Record-Breaking Winner Solves Puzzle With One Letter (Video)

“The Lone Ranger” was a bad movie, but a great answer for a Pennsylvania father of two

“Wheel of Fortune” viewers are used to watching contestants make plenty of embarrassing guesses when trying to solve puzzles, but it’s rare to see a contestant solve a puzzle after just one letter has been revealed.

Pennsylvania dad Matt DeSanto did just that last Friday early on during the game show when he nailed “The Lone Ranger” with just one “e” on the board. He went on to crush his two competitors by solving every puzzle before the bonus round, and racked up a record $91,892.

DeSanto was the first contestant to sweep through the main game since 2011, and is the only contestant to ever score more than $70,000 during the main game, too.

He was not lucky enough, however, to match a math teacher’s $1 million score earlier this year in the bonus round, and struck out when he could not correctly guess “wooden gavel.”

What a loser.

Watch DeSanto guess “The Lone Ranger” with just one letter on the board.