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When Do You Feel the Most Loved? ‘God on the Street’ Filmmaker Asks as Valentine’s Day Nears (Video)

”Most of my deepest suffering has been about trying to find love,“ interview subject says

As Valentine’s Day beckons, love is decidedly in the air. But what is it exactly and when do we feel it most? Documentary filmmaker L.J. Fogel explores this very question in a short film that precedes her feature-length debut “God on the Street.”

“Most of my deepest suffering has been about trying to find love,” one of Fogel’s many interview subjects confesses in the video above.

Fogel’s forthcoming full-length film revolves around a cross-country trip covering a diverse group of strangers who describe their personal – and often unconventional – ideas about spirituality. “How do we describe our relationship with something we can’t see?” asks Fogel. Her subjects share intimate, often never-before-shared details about the most private aspects of their lives.

Per Fogel: “You’ll get to know taxi drivers and teachers, hustlers, cops, atheists, surfers and mothers holding babies. The stories they share remind us that the mundane can be transcendent. Heartbreak. Car Accidents. Drugs. Nature. Dancing.”

“God on the Street” seeks to be more than a movie. “It is a way of seeing the world,” says Fogel.

Watch the short film above.

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