Where to Watch ‘Love Actually’ This Holiday Season

Kick back, relax and watch Hugh Grant shuffle down the stairs to “Jump (For My Love)”

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As the holiday time rolls around, so does the annual rewatch of “Love Actually,” the 2003 rom-com that made its mark on pop culture through its sprawling stories of love, loss and family.

Set in London, the holiday favorite weaves together familiar love stories, from unrequited love to adolescent crushes to even languages barriers, that are top of mind as Christmas approaches.

The heartwarming flick also features an all start cast, including Colin Firth, Emma Thompson, Hugh Grant, Liam Neeson, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Bill Nighy, Alan Rickman, Andrew Lincoln, Rowan Atkinson, Keira Knightley and Laura Linney, to name a few.

Whether you’re eager to revisit Hugh Grant’s rendition of “Jump (For My Love)” — which he revealed was “absolute hell” to film in 2019 — or rewatch Andrew Lincoln confessing his love for Keira Knightley through cue cards, here’s where you can watch the holiday favorite.

Where can I stream “Love Actually?”

“Love Actually” is currently streaming on Netflix.

“Love Actually” is also available to rent or buy digitally on Prime Video, YouTube, Apple TV, Vudu and on the Google Play Store for $3.99.

Are there any “Love Actually” sequels?

While there aren’t any formal sequels to the rom-com, 2017’s “Red Nose Day Actually” gives audiences a much-needed update to their favorite couples and families while fundraising for children living in poverty.

The special, which falls just under 20 minutes, re-creates iconic moments from the original, including Grant’s stairway shuffle, Rowan Atkinson’s memorable gift packaging and the infamous cue card scene.

You can watch “Red Nose Day Actually” here.

Fans can also get excited for “Love Actually: 20 Years Later,” which will premiere Nov. 29 on ABC and will lift the veil on the making of the holiday staple two decades after it first hit the big screen.

Watch the “Love Actually” trailer: