Adam Driver and Greta Gerwig Fight to Survive an ‘Airborne Toxic Event’ in New ‘White Noise’ Trailer (Video)

Don Cheadle also stars in Noah Baumbach’s film about a family on the run from a lethal chemical cloud

Netflix has unveiled the trailer for Noah Baumbach’s “White Noise,” starring Adam Driver and Greta Gerwig as the heads of a blended family forced to go on the run after an “airborne toxic event” settles over their town.

The adaptation of Don DeLillo’s prize-winning novel finds Jack (Driver) and Babette (Gerwig) living with their four whip smart children in a university town at the peak of mid-1980s consumer culture. That all changes when a mysterious chemical cloud starts heading their way, forcing everyone to evacuate.

The trailer kicks off with the family romping around a supermarket and enjoying life when a large cargo truck suddenly crashes into a moving train, igniting a massive explosion.

“They’re calling it the Airborne Toxic Event,” one of the kids says as they peer through binoculars at a looming cloud.

“It won’t come this way,” says Jack, ensuring his kids that they won’t have to leave their home. Cut to the entire town loading up on PPE and groceries as they flee in their station wagons.

The trailer sets a darkly funny tone with an upbeat score by Danny Elfman and plenty of technicolor as it flashes through a series of apocalyptic images.

“Out of some persistent sense of large-scale ruin,” says Jack, “we keep inventing hope.”

Also starring Don Cheadle, Raffey Cassidy, Sam Nivola, May Nivola, Lars Eidinger, Andre Benjamin and Jodie Turner-Smith, “White Noise” is written and directed by Baumbach.

The film debuts in select theaters on Nov. 25 before making its Netflix debut Dec. 30.

Watch the full trailer above.