Why High Demand for ‘The Black Phone’ Bodes Very Well for ‘Nope’ | Charts

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Jordan Peele’s next offering should benefit from the horror movie wave created by the Blumhouse film

"The Black Phone" and "Nope" are the most in-demand horror films.(Universal)

Accomplished producer and executive Jason Blum once said that horror operates in peaks and valleys. While demand for horror films never goes away, there are moments when horror feels like it’s at the forefront of theatrical conversation, and other times, demand for another genre seems to surpass it. With movies like Blumhouse’s “The Black Phone” seeing stellar box office returns, demand for the movie continuing to grow, and writer-director Jordan Peele’s upcoming “Nope,” which hits theaters Friday, it feels like another horror wave is upon us. 

When looking at the demand share for horror movies between January 2021 through June 2022, we can see that horror share peaked in October — as expected — with new horror titles, including highly anticipated flicks like “Halloween Kills,” according to Parrot