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Will Ferrell Warmed Up With the Golden State Warriors as ‘Semi-Pro’ Character Jackie Moon (Video)

Klay Thompson previously dressed in a Flint Tropics uniform in honor of the 2008 basketball comedy

In a hilarious blast from the past, Will Ferrell suited up as his old character from 2008’s “Semi-Pro” and warmed up with Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and the Golden State Warriors during their game Tuesday night.

Ferrell donned his retro white uniform for the film’s Flint Tropics, as well as a yellow sports headband and a huge, messy afro wig and then jogged out of the locker room with the team as the Warriors were being announced. Check out some video of the moment below.

But fans in the building got their money’s worth, as Ferrell spent the evening shooting free throws in his signature under hand shot (“I am great at free throws. Seriously, free throws are like, my best thing”), was hitting shots from the Warriors logo near half court, and could be seen telling the referees there was a raccoon loose in the building during the game.

Ferrell even played some D on Steph and Klay, the latter of whom definitely could not keep a straight face. Thompson, who had been returning from an injury and had watched as the Warriors had gone through a brief losing streak, had previously paid tribute to Ferrell’s Jackie Moon by donning his own Flint Tropics uniform, and Ferrell returned the favor on Tuesday.

“We’ve been at a tough spot with these L’s I’ve been stacking up, so I was very grateful to see Jackie. I mean, through my rehab I would watch ‘Semi-Pro’ when I had a dark day, and that movie would always keep me in a good light, and I appreciate him coming out. I mean what a hooper; he can play! Look at that pivot,” Thompson said.

Check out some of the videos from Ferrell’s special appearance below:

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